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Heroes Crossover Community

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Welcome to heroescrossover. This community is dedicated to the NBC show Heroes crossed over with different TV shows, movies, books, etc. All fandoms are welcome as well as all genres (slash included). We do not discriminate and we only have a few rules here for you to follow.


1. This is a no flame zone. Flames and negative views in general will not be tolerated. Please respect other members.

2. All fanfic must focus on Heroes crossed over with another fandom.

3. Please do tag all your entries. All new authors or posters will receive a tag, but for everything else make sure to use the appropriate pre-existing tag. This makes the site more organized and better looking. Please do take the time to tag.

4. All fanfiction must have a header that includes the following:
Warnings: (eg, violence, explicit sexual content, mature themes, slash)

This makes it easier for people to find what they want to read and it looks better. Put it in whatever order you choose, just make sure to include these things, especially a disclaimer. If your fic contains other pairings, don't forget to mention these in your heading.

5. All fanfiction more than a hundred words must go under an LJ cut. If you do not know how to use an LJ cut just ask one of the members or moderators, we would be happy to help you. All fanart must also go under an LJ cut; teasers are allowed but only if they are not too large, so as to not fill up people's friend pages.


If you would like to become an affiliate with this community please message chosenfire28 or dhfreak.